First blog post

Welcome to our blog!

Earlier this year, I purchased my first ever Kitchenaid mixer.  Since that day I’ve been trying all sorts of recipes that I would have never attempted before.  Not that they could not have been made with my trusty hand mixer (which is down to super slow and super fast speeds only, and only if you hold the switch a certain way…), but the stand mixer somehow make me feel like I could cook like the big dogs.

Speaking of the big dogs, The Pack as they are collectively known are my tried and true taste testers.  I’m not sure that’s a great plan though, since they eat everything from gourmet food to day old frogs…but I digress.  Moose and Jake, Lola and Harley, and last but not least the babies Steve and Caliope are always ready to lend a helping paw.

I love to make desserts to take to my buddies at work, and have fallen into the habit of customizing recipes for individuals.  The Pecan Pie cake featured on the home page was a special for my nurse buddy Amber.

I have a special birthday coming up – my friend Samantha.  She has requested (months ago!) a Black Forest Cake for her July birthday.  Tonight, we start the testing process.  I’ll update later!




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