Happy July 4 Ya’ll!

Mousse 1

It’s Independence Day (weekend) and the weather is fine!  Actually, the weather is as hot as the second layer of hades with the humidity equivalent of a sauna…but anyway!  We will both be working on the actual 4th, so the family is celebrating Sunday with a cookout.

My contribution will be…..(drumroll please)…..dessert.  We have had cake cake cake lately, so I wanted to do something a bit different.  Something cool, and light, and fresh.  I found a real contender on Sugarhero.com – Chocolate Rasperberry Mousse cake.  Now, we aren’t big raspberry people.  But we do enjoy a good strawberry, and the local battle zone (aka the grocery store on a holiday weekend in a resort town) had some nice ones.  So for us it’s Chocolate Strawberry Mousse cake.

Apparently I don’t have the knack for links, so go here for the original recipe and inspiration:

www dot sugarhero.com/chocolate-raspberry-mousse-cake/

I am not a big strainer of things.  Any things.  Instead of making a strawberry puree, I used an equal amount of that fruit only spread you find in the peanut butter and jelly isle.  I used my 9″ springform pan and a tinfoil sleeve.  My mousse tower may be leaning a tiny bit, but I don’t think it will affect the taste.

This is a special dessert.  You need to really, Really, REALLY like the people you make it for – it’s very time consuming (I have about 4 hours in it) and a bit expensive with all that white and dark chocolate, fresh fruit.  But it’s well worth the effort.  Don’t be afraid of all the steps.  Once you do the first mousse layer, you’ll have the hang of it and it will go easy.  Also, don’t be afraid of using gelatin – that was a snap, too.  I will invest in a silicone sleeve before trying this again.

It’s pretty naked; this shows in the middle of the undressing and redressing process.

Mousse naked

If you like the looks of this recipe, but need a quick and more cost conscious alternative, you can get a similar result using a brownie mix for the bottom, then instant pudding mixed with whipped topping for each layer and utilizing a trifle bowl.  Using this method, you can also easily convert this to individual small-cup desserts, great for backyard parties with kids, or even to take to work.

I believe The Pack would like to be testers….

Mousse lola



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