Double Layer Pineapple Upside Down Cake

pineapple double 2

I made this recipe a while back and posted a picture on my Facebook page.  One of our firefighters mentioned to me that he noticed it…

We live in a small town, with a volunteer fire department.  We’ve all come to think of each other as not only brothers, but family.  So when our friend Michael mentioned he likes pineapple upside down cake, I knew what I needed to do.

pineapple double unstackedAfter getting home from a call this morning, that Michael and some of the other guys were still on, I decided that hey, I’m up, there’s no time like the present.  So while the sun was trying valiantly to peek through the thunderheads and rain showers, the butter and brown sugar were bubbling away, infusing the pineapple with a caramel glaze that would drip and drizzle down and make this already tasty buttermilk vanilla cake even that much more special.

A pineapple cream cheese frosting around the edges, and there you have a pretty, refreshing and possible addicting dish of goodness.

The recipe for this confection of perfection is here (sorry about the link – sometimes they work sometimes they don’t but this is a site well worth the time to visit!):

http://www   dot

I didn’t do the pecans on the side, mostly because I didn’t have them.  But the cake doesn’t suffer for it.

Thanks Michael, and our other brothers, for always being willing to run in when others are running out.  God bless you all, and be safe always.pineapple double 1


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