Chocolate Frosted Coconut Pecan Cake

Chocolate Frosted Coconut Pecan Cake 1

Its been a few weeks, but we’ve still been busy baking around here.  A cookie recipe, a pound cake variation, an update to the Black Forest Cake.

I’ve been in search of a good chocolate frosting recipe.  One that isn’t overly sweet, not grainy; like a chocolate cloud – and I’ve found it!  This recipe is so light you’ll want to eat the whole bowl…(go ahead, no judging here!).

So in the usual fashion, this recipe is a conglomeration of 3 others.  First, the cake.  This coconut cake is moist but sturdy, and holds up well to mounds of filling and frosting.  It uses coconut milk, which even our little small town grocery has.  Just be sure you shake shake shake that can – or better yet, open it completely and stir well.  The cream tends to settle out, and you want all that thick, rich fattiness to keep the cake moist.  (Hey – it’s cake.  Its SUPPOSED to be fattening.)

Chocolate Frosted Coconut Pecan Cake 5

Next is the coconut filling.  Now, I added a cup of chopped pecans to mine.  You can add or leave it out – whatever your preference.  I’m sure the coconut cake in this link is great, but I wanted to stick to my tried and true favorite above.

Lastly, the frosting.  The light as a cloud, not too sweet, milk chocolatey frosting.  This recipe is dangerous.  I can see using it in lots of applications.  Like, sitting down with the bowl and applying my SPOON.

Chocolate Frosted Coconut Pecan Cake sliced big

I hope you enjoy this twist on a German Chocolate Cake.


Coconut cake using coconut milk

coconut filling

Chocolate Mousse Buttercream

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