Ummmm, cinnamon rolls!

Cinnabons done

After yesterday’s lemon rolls. I decided to go traditional today.  I’ve used this recipe before, with the bread machine, but wanted to try it out as written with the stand mixer.  When it says they taste like Cinnabons, well, they do!

I actually had all the right ingredients for once, so it was just a matter of getting things started.  Once the dough had risen, I got it rolled out very easily.  If you don’t have a rolling pin, get one.  You’ll be surprised at what all you use it for.

cinnabons before rolling

The Spreading of The Filling will go much easier for you if you get the butter very soft before mixing.  I have also spread the very soft butter down first, then sprinkled the cinnamon and brown sugar on top – this works probably better than trying to crumble and/or spread the mixture.  Rolls up like a dream either way.

Cinnabons before cooking

I got enough rolls out of this to make a dozen for now, and some to freeze for later.  I cut mine a little thinner than recommended, at about an inch appeace.

Make these some Saturday or Sunday morning.  Your house will smell wonderful, and your people will love them – and you.

(here is the link from whence I swiped the recipe:  Cinnabon’s Copycat Cinnamon Rolls .  Take some time to surf around Jo’s site – you won’t be disappointed!  I also follow her on FB).

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