Key Lime Pie Cupcakes

It’s a little tough in here right now.  Yesterday was day one of The Diet.  Today, the kitchen is filled with the smell of lime zest and cupcakes.  Sigh.  Oh well, we’ll soldier on as best we can.

key lime pie cupcake mass

The cake and frosting, and the graham cracker crumb portion of this recipe comes from Key Lime Pie Layer Cake.  This is a great blog and I encourage you to visit.  The lime curd is another variation of the orange curd recipe from earlier in the blog.  Talk about smelling good up in here…when that curd was cooking away it was really, Really, REALLY hard not to have just a little quality control taste!  The cake recipe calls for 6 egg white, so I increased the curd recipe to use the 6 yolks and it came out just about perfectly.

key lime pie cupcake batter

I decided to do cupcakes for a few reasons.  One, the primary recipient of these treats works in a smaller company, so a whole cake would be a little overboard.  Second, I knew my sister-in-law would enjoy them as well, since she just had a birthday, too.  Third, my little neighbor kid testers need a treat sometimes, too!  Now, I made 32 cupcakes.  I had forgotten that the rise on these is not super high, so you can cut back to 24 cupcakes and do just fine.  For the 32, with my temperamental oven, I baked for 16 minutes and did each pan separately. Once done, simply dig out a little hole to put the filling in.  I saved all the ‘holes’ and put the very little bit of curd and frosting that I didn’t use in a bowl with them – maybe someone will eat it before my will power fails!

key lime pie cupcake crumble

This is a tart, twist-your-lips cake.  Not super sweet, although the frosting does add a creamy sweetness to the whole.  You may think about skipping the graham cracker crumbs, but don’t!  You will be very pleased that you took the time to add them.  That little bit of crispness, buttery and, well, graham-y, is just what this needs to go over the top.

I hope you enjoy making this, as either a cake or as cupcakes.

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