Cheesecake, please!

I have a friend who loves cheesecake.  She isn’t crazy about chocolate, not a big sweet eater, but she loves cheesecake.  So since it was a rainy, messy weekend, and I just happened to have 2 new 6″ springform pans (more on that later), I decided to make cheesecake for her, and one for home.


I used the old tried and true New York Cheesecake recipe by Martha Stewart.  Love her or not-so-much, the gal can cook.  Here’s the link: New York Style Cheesecake.

Here are a few lessons I learned the hard way on this one.  First of all, if you aren’t super sure of your pans (and I wasn’t – these were brand new, Wilton 6″ springform pans), use parchment paper.  While they seemed to cook up nicely and handled really well during prep, the darn things stuck my crust, and I lost most of it in the plating.  Dangit!  That’s why those little butter toasted graham crumbles are on top – gotta have some texture contrast with something this rich.  Second, because I was converting a 10″ recipe cook time, I was out in the weeds trying to make sure I hit that balance between done and dried out.  This one, while done cooked at 40 minute 350 degrees followed by 30 minutes 325, could have stayed a bit longer.  But I saw those little browned spots on top, with just a little jiggle, and got excited!  It will still eat just fine, but a little longer would have been perfect.

cheesecake 3

Cracks.  Dang man, cracks.  Again, not the end of the world, just close your eyes when you eat it – but shoot.  this was another reason I felt secure in my cooking time.  I did just what the recipe called for, except I was a little short on my water bath.  Next time I’ll remedy that and see how we do.

All in all, while this looks like a daunting recipe – after all, 7 blocks of cream cheese?  SEVEN?  Are you NUTS Martha?  It actually is pretty easy.  Just make sure your water bath is right, and parchment your pans.  Your cake will be great, even if its a little wiggly with cracks!


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