A Peanut Butter Bon Voyage…

My buddy Amy had deployed on assignment.  We will be Amyless for about 6 months, and we are very sad!  But when it was time to decide on a going away treat, well, what else could it be but…..peanut butter and chocolate!

Now usually I make my Amy a triple tiered chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting and chocolate ganache.  But since I was on a time crunch, I decided on brownies instead.  This link will take you to a fannnnnnnntastic little thing that you will love…Chocolate and Peanut Butter Lover Brownies

Forgive my picture – I was winging this one after a tough night’s work, and had to get to bed quickly, so I’ve only got the one.  But I will tell you, I collected a few more PB&C lovers with this one!  When you read the recipe, you’ll see some wait time.  Forget it – when you take the brownie layer out of the oven (don’t panic – it will be fluffy but will fall properly), go ahead and make your peanut butter layer and pour it on.  I did go to bed at this point, and got up a few minutes early to do the ganache and cut up the Reese’s cups.  Oh – and for goodness sakes, just use the microwave for the ganache.  Thirty seconds at a time, stir well each time – it took me less than a minute to get the consistency right.

Grab a big cold glass of milk ad have some of these with the PB&C lover in your life – they will thank you!

One thought on “A Peanut Butter Bon Voyage…

  1. Amy Sanderson

    Thank you Teresa for my wonderful dessert that was scrumptious and heavenly! You are so awesome and truly made the worst night I’ve ever had in the ER the best and the sweetest that it could have been!! I look forward to my homecoming peanut butter and chocolate treat! Other than my family and ER friends, that will be something awesome to return to!! Love you and thank you!!


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