Italian Cream Cake

I’ve been looking at this for a while.  It’s a beautiful cake, and all the reviews rave.  But, I’ve been wary of trying it because of the frosting – some kind of cooked flour contraption.  I can do frostings, but I am very hit or miss on roux, so I figured it was in my best interest to keep looking until I found a recipe with an alternative.

Found it!  Here is the link:  Italian Cream Cake

Just from the smell of the layers baking, I can tell this is going to be a holiday staple.  I feel like I should crank down the air and throw a log on the fire!  The almond and vanilla, with the coconut and pecans (and yeah, I cheated – I didn’t toast either one.  Have to maintain the lazy part of this equation!) smells like Christmas.  And that’s before we even think about the frosting!  Look how thick and chunky that batter is…

Look what pretty layers this makes.  Now, you could stop right here, pull up a chair and a fork and have at it.  But that frosting…how can you go wrong?  Butter and cream cheese?  And more almond flavoring?  This is truly a cake you can sink (softly) your fork into.  I can imagine it would be wonderful with some cinnamon dusted hot chocolate….

italian cream cake layer.jpg

This cake checks off all the boxes.  Tasty, easy, pretty…give it a try – you won’t be sorry!

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