It’s Fall, Y’all…Butter Pecan Cake

…or at least that’s what the calendar says.  It’s still hot outside, but at least it’s not scorching and the skeeters aren’t quite as bad.


So I was trolling around Facebook the other day and saw a cute tutorial on decorating a sunflower cake.  “I can do that!” says my inner self.  Well, I CAN do that, but my sunflower looks a little downtrodden!  I know why though, so I can fix it next time.


The link for this butter pecan cake:  Butter Pecan Cake

This is a pretty classic buttermilk cake recipe, but loaded with toasted pecans.  Do take the time to butter toast your pecans – it really does make a difference.  Also, as usual, I didn’t have exactly what I needed so I subbed in heavy cream for the 1/2 cup of milk.  I think it’s fine.


I did try a new flavoring from McCormicks – instead of straight vanilla, I went with Vanilla Butter Nut.  Please get yourself some of this.  It smells wonderful.  I think it added just that little touch to push this over the edge.


Now, I did a different icing recipe.  Not totally different, but I used 2-8oz block of cream cheese, 2 sticks of butter, a tsp of that great flavoring, a 2# bag of 10X sugar, and thinned as needed with more heavy cream.  I iced between the layers and the side, made a little mound on top so the ‘non-petal’ area would have frosting, then mixed yellow food coloring in the icing that was left and piped in the petals.  The problem with this was that instead of using color gel (you can get it at the cake decorating section of the big box stores), I used liquid coloring.  It thinned it out a bit more than I would have liked.  Easy enough, if you only have liquid – just add a touch more sugar to firm it back up.

A pretty, and pretty tasty, cake for a fall day.

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