Is that a chocolate chip on my x-ray???

I work with a great bunch of people.  Night shift+ER = #youbetterhaveateam #youallalittlecrazy #peepsbestrange.

My buddies Pam and Mike, Amanda and Christine, little Christy…the list goes on.  These are some of the hardest working people in the hospital, and sometimes quite underappreciated.  Their skill is key to figuring out some of the puzzles, and boy do I mean puzzles!

All that being said, Mike mentioned that his wife loves biscotti, too.  The kind with the chocolate bottom.  Well, I didn’t have the fixings on hand to get that just right, but I did have what I needed to try this Chocolate Chip Biscotti recipe:

Chocolate Chip Biscotti

This blogger/pinner said all the right words…chocolate, cookie, breakfast, softer…sounded just about right.  I love everything about biscotti, except when it’s hard as a rock and sawdust dry.  That’s just taking a good-dunking situation and going a touch too far.

Let me tell you.  The Cranberry Orange Biscotti this weekend smelled great, but this smelled a special kind of awesome as it was cooking.  Like a giant, puffy, sweet but not too sweet chocolate chip cookie.

“Serving size – ONE”


Because the special ingredient of chocolate chips bakes up into tiny little pockets of soft chocolate heaven, this first bake was much easier to slice cleanly that those cranberries.  I used up all the chocolate I had, so there isn’t a drizzle to finish the individual cookies, but I don’t really think you need it anyway.  Now I will say, around Christmas?  Dip these halfway in melted white chocolate and dredge in finely ground peppermint candies?  Uh, yes please!  These would also be awesome for a teen/tween pajama party, dipped and dredged in those little tiny sprinkle candies and served with hot chocolate…or dipped and dredged in finely chopped pecans and served with more hot chocolate…this is becoming an obsession!!!

Another winner in the cookie category.  Sure hope my Illumination buds like these!

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