Christmas Crab Mac-n-cheese

I don’t do crab.  As far as seafood goes, for me it’s shrimp, scallops, or fried fish. That’s it.  But the Spousal Unit loves crab, so while I was cruising around the Interwebs this morning I saw a fantastic looking mac-n-cheese recipe that looked like it would handle some lump crab nicely.  Here is that link, and I highly recommend that you poke around this website – some great recipes on here!

Million Dollar Macaroni and Cheese

So, off to the local grocery, in search of crab.  We found it alright, at $28 for a small container.  Um, NOPE.  So, we settled for the imitation stuff.  He’s eaten it a lot, likes it, says it’s fine, so at 1/3 the price, we checked out and headed home.

Now, this recipe comes together beautifully.  I did substitute on the seasonings – I know, you’re shocked.  But I felt like Old Bay seasoning would be better for this application, so that’s what we used.  I also did 1/2 mozz and 1/2 sharp cheddar, with provolone slices in the middle.

For the topping, I used Ritz crackers.  We Love Ritz Crackers.  Just sayin’.

This bakes up very pretty, and even with the dreaded crab element, I have to say it smelled fantastic.  I halved it between 2 smaller pans so that we could share it with his parents for a Christmas Eve lunch.  Try this recipe if you like seafood.  I’m thinking you’ll like it!

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