Peanut Butter Lover’s Cake

Today was another piddle around the house day.  Did a little yard work, took Esmerelda for a walk, tooled around town to see what the tourist contingent was up to (apparently, they were up to stripping the local grocery like a swarm of locusts during one of the plagues).  Something sweet would be nice, says I.

But what would you like? said me to I.  Well… about peanut butter something?  So I wandered around pinterest for a bit and found – The Ultimate!  That is what this blog says (Peanut Butter Lover’s Cake) and by golly I believe it!

Folks, just the smell while mixing the batter is peanut butter heaven.  Butter, peanut butter, brown AND white sugars, vanilla and eggs….buttermilk!  How can you go wrong?  I decided on 3-9″ layers (because I only have 2-8″ pans at present).  Watch your baking time on these.  This cake is so tender, that the touch top method may lead you astray.  You will still get a bit of a dent when the cakes are fully done, so do the toothpick method instead.  Look at the edge on that one layer!  Wonder if anyone would miss that part…

The frosting is just as great as the cake…lick the spoon great.  Spreads just like a dream, too.  And how could you skip the ganache?  You can’t!  But when it’s this darn easy to make, why would you?  This would be a great dipping sauce for fruit, too.  For those healthy days.  Yeah.

So, assembly required of course.  I added the finely chopped nuts between the layers, too.  For that little extra peanut goodness.  Little texture.  Fiber.  Whatever.  I had plenty of frosting if you want just a straight frosted cake; next time though I will do an extra 1/2 batch so I can get enough to do some fluff piping.  This icing is just too good to limit yourself.

…and for the finished product – voila!

PB Lover's finished

Of course, I didn’t let this sit still for long before cutting it…

PB Lover's sliced

If you are any kind of peanut butter lover AT ALL, you must try this recipe.  Enjoy!

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