Mousse for Moose! It’s a chocolate kind of day…

finishedAnother hot day today, and we are stuck inside.  Well, inside > outside > inside > repeat infinityoverandoveragain.  Between checking the smoker (new toy!) and letting Moose in and out (that Prednisone is a liquid maker!) we are doing laps.

With all that activity, one must refuel.  What better way than chocolate?  And there is a chocolate cake recipe that just happens to have a sister recipe for cupcakes, that I’ve been looking at for months.  Now, that recipe comes with a Swiss meringue frosting.  I didn’t think I wanted to tackle that today, but I did have my eye on a buttercream mousse that looked divine.  So, here we go!

Now the cake recipe can be found here:  Chocolate cake with swiss buttercream.  Within there is both the swiss meringue frosting, and the link to the cupcakes.  I had a perfectly good chocolate cake recipe, that I have used repeatedly and in many applications here on the blog.  But this recipe?  First, no buttermilk.  I don’t know about you, but I buy buttermilk only to make cakes; its not something I keep laying around.  I have had little luck with making the homemade buttermilk, so I was happy to see this alternative.  A cup of cocoa powder?  A CUP??? Yes!  A cup!  And when the recipe says it whips up light and fluffy and is so much easier to control than the usual liquid batter for chocolate cakes…prebake

Yeah.  Just look at it!  I tell you it was really hard not to lick that spoon!  Baking these jewels filled the house with chocolatey heavenly smells.  I’m not a chocolate fiend, but these little cakes made me want to sit right down and dig in.naked baked

Okay so on to the frosting.  Mousse frosting  Calling this frosting is almost criminal.  This is truly, truly mousse.  I could envision sitting down with biscotti and dipping….but focus!  There are several steps, but don’t be scared.  First, you heat up your cream with a touch of corn syrup, and pour it over the chocolate chips.  Let it melt, whisk until smooth, and let it come to room temp.early mousse

Then you whip in the softened butter until smooth, and freeze in 5 minute time intervals until the thickness is mousse-like.  Put it back on the mixer and whip until light and fluffy.  You’ll know.  Trust me, you’ll know!


My chief testers agreed this is a keeper!  (only small bites – chocolate is generally a no-no for pups).  Give this recipe a try – I imagine it would be awesome with a few chocolate curls…a big glass of milk…enjoy!

  • (UPDATE:  for those of you who might be counting calories or carbs, per cupcake with frosting – and there is no way you will use all that frosting, so this estimate is high:
    • 330 calories
    • 25g fat
    • 26g carbs
    • 2g protein
  • side note – the figures above consider 16 ounces of semi-sweeet toll house morsels in place of both chocolates in the frosting




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